Home based woodworkers should use these proven advertising suggestionsI speak with woodworkers from all over the United States and Canada everyday, five days a week. These woodworkers range from the skill level of a weekend warrior to owners of production cabinet shops. These different woodworkers have two things in common: most can build just about anything you ask them to, and most suffer from the singular reason why woodworkers fail. THEY CAN’T SELL. It’s not that they don’t want to sell; it’s that they were never taught how. Here are three ways that you can work on which will definitely increase your sales.


  1. Be conversational. People are coming over to your shop. You have something that interests them. That’s half the battle. Know your product backwards and forwards. Just get them talking. It can be about anything, i.e. sports, then bring them around to talk with you about your product.
  2. Overcome objections. Look at it this way, people are going to have objections about anything they buy. It’s could be be cost, quality, availability, choices… Listen to what they say and overcome that objection. Let’s talk about cost. Why is your product more costly than your competitor’s? Your answer can be that the quality of your product will result in the customer getting a product that will last for generations, and therefore the price of your product is actually much less. Make a list of the objections you hear most and spend the time needed to find out how to overcome them. Once all objections have been answered you have a sale.
  3. ABC — Always Be Closing.  This is a classic statement that most people totally misunderstand. “Always be closing” does not mean you have a baseball bat in your hands as you demand the customer buy your product. It actually is quite the opposite. Customers are constantly giving out buying signals. You have to listen for the signal and when you hear it, address it. For example, let’s say the customer says, “If I could get that chest of drawers to match Johnny’s bed, that would look very nice.” Your response better be, “Well Mrs. Jones, let’s fill out this order form and I guarantee we can do that.” The two biggest mistakes people make when closing is to be either too heavy handed or too timid. They never ask for the sale. You would be shocked at what happens when you ask for the sale at least three times. You actually get the sale.

Practice these three approaches to selling and you’ll see results!