What You Get

Join the ever growing list of 1800BunkBed business owners across the country and start enjoying financial independence. Act now before your territory is taken!

We teach you how to run your own, nationally-recognized, 1800BunkBed business right from your home or shop. In order to get your 1800BunkBed business up and running as soon as possible we provide you with the following:

Your own 1-800-BunkBed phone number that rings at your home, shop or cell phone

This is what really sets this business opportunity apart from any other you may have seen. Once you purchase our woodworking business opportunity and have selected your protected territory you will have your own 1800BunkBed phone number. All you have to do is call us and we will activate it for you. This is done in minutes. Then whenever anybody calls 1800BunkBed from your protected territory their calls are immediately and seamlessly routed to your phone. There are no operators involved. It’s that simple. By utilizing our phone number and just a few of our proven and unique sales/marketing techniques you will have all the business you can handle.

Protected territory

Unlike every business opportunity that you have looked into, the 1800BunkBed business owner’s package will not be mass marketed. We will only accept qualified and serious business-minded individuals to become 1800BunkBed business owners. Territories are made up of COUNTIES. You select the specific counties that you would like to have as your territory. Once you have chosen your territory it’s yours and no one else will be allowed to have the use of the 1800BunkBed phone number or be allowed to work in that territory. This is a huge asset in starting and establishing your new business.

Complete 2-volume business manual

Volume 1 contains 77 pages alone of bunk bed plans, accessory plans and material lists along with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Also included are too many time saving jigs to mention (My first bunk bed took me 3 days to make. With the use of these jigs that same bed can be made in under 4 hours). Also included in volume 1 are pages and pages of full color pictures and illustrations that will greatly aid you in making our bunk beds. Volume 2 contains nothing but sales, marketing and advertising methods that guarantee the success of your business. These unique marketing and sales strategies have enabled 1800BunkBed to have an 80% closure rate. THAT IS UNHEARD OF IN THE FURNITURE INDUSTRY. By incorporating just a few of these time-tested and proven methods you will have all the business you can handle. Both volumes total 136 pages.

Personalized business email address

As a way to lend more credibility to your business will we designate a free, personalized 1800BunkBed email address that will allow your customers to correspond with you. For example: If your name is John Smith we will assign you an email address such as jsmith@1800bunkbed.com. You will have access to your web mail through a user name and password and be able to receive and send emails.

45-minute video of our most popular bunk bed being manufactured

See one of our own 1800BunkBed business owners building our most popular model from start to finish. In this video you’ll learn how it is possible to build our beds quickly and efficiently. There are also many useful tips on shop setup and assembly of the beds.

1 on 1 Business Advice From Steve Everett, the #1 Producing 1800BunkBed Owner

As someone who has started and run 3 different businesses in 3 different industries I know the value of sound advice. I want you to think about all the other business opportunities you have looked into. Typically when you need help one of the following occurs:

  • You speak with someone with so little experience that they are useless.
  • Or, you get bounced around in a voice mail system where you are instructed to leave a message and someone will get back with you. RIGHT!
  • Or, my favorite, you get the privilege of using LIVE CHAT. I don’t know about you but it takes me about 10 minutes just to type a sentence. I DON’T HAVE ALL DAY TO BE TYPING QUESTIONS AND WAITING FOR ANSWERS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HELP ME.

When you purchase the 1800BunkBed woodworking business opportunity and you need help you speak directly to our #1 producing owner, Steve Everett. There is not one problem that you may run into that he hasn’t seen 10 times over and solved.

Use of our consumer Facebook page

Everyone knows how important having a relevant and interactive Facebook page is. By having the use of our Facebook page your customers will be able to see all our beds along with any new developments in 1-800-BunkBed nation. They can also see how other customers have outfitted their bunk beds and share this with all the followers of our Facebook page.

Use of our consumer website

We have the premium bunk bed website for you to use. The pictures that your customers will be able to look at cost thousands of dollars to produce. Not only is each picture shot in extreme high definition each bed has actually had a set built around it to better showcase the simplicity and beauty of our beds. Add to that a website that tells the 1-800-BunkBed story which explains:

  • how we got started
  • that all beds are made of solid wood
  • all beds are made in the USA
  • not only are all beds made in the USA, they’re made locally
  • firefighters sleep in our beds
  • and: THEY ARE IN THE SAME PRICE RANGE THAT STORE BOUGHT BEDS ARE (beds that are made in China)
  • View website at shop.1800bunkbed.com

Optional vehicle signs

Optional set of magnetic signs. These signs will drive customers to your business. USE THEM!! These signs are of very high quality. $99 for 2.


What You Get

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