Woodworking from home

Home based woodworking

Most of us have heard the term, “Baker’s Dozen” There are a few valid explanations of this term but the one we will use in our example is “the practice of giving a baker’s customers 13 items instead of 12.” The purpose of this practice is to create goodwill that will hopefully keep a new customer as a loyal customer.

Let’s examine this principle using the upside/downside theory we use in business to determine if a business practice is valid. Here’s the downside: it will cost the baker a few cents to make the extra item. In other words there really is little to no downside. Let’s look at the upside: it could possible generate a loyal customer for years. This is a huge upside. In this example it’s a no brainer.

What about your woodworking business? What can be your “baker’s dozen” How about free delivery… How about taking 50% off an accessory item….. something that costs little to the builder, but brings back customers time and time again.

Let’s use this this principle in your home woodworking business.