Being in the woodworking business for over 3 decades and working directly with a lot of home based woodworkers I have noticed a common mistake most of them make.
When I ask them what they currently build, ( cabinets, chairs, cutting boards, pens, shelves, beds……), how many hours they put into their project and I then ask what they charge for it an interesting thing happens. Most people who are woodworking from home make between $6-$12 per hour and they are shocked to find that out.

There are only 2 solutions to this problem. Charge more money for the product they are making or make the product faster. Most woodworkers are not going to charge more for what they are making for fear of pricing their product out of the market. I usually agree with that sentiment. Therefore the solution is to make their product faster. I have helped countless woodworkers transform their woodworking space by putting jigs and templates in place to turn their space into a production facility. Once this is in place their time to make their product is cut in half and sometimes by 2/3rd. Do the same and watch your hourly rate double or triple.