bunk bed maker

Home Based Woodworking

 Here is part 3 of why to run your woodworking business from home.

3. Being close to family.

Isn’t this what it’s all about? The primary reason why 1-800-BunkBed was started was to enable me to work from home and be there when my kids got home from school. How many times have you and your wife been at work and one of you get a phone call to either pick your sick kid up from school or to drive them to “soccer”. Running your business from home will enable you to do this without creating a hardship at work. I can’t tell you the number of times a week I speak to someone who is about to join the business and the #1 reason they give is that they “want to be close to family”. It is not always that they have children they want to be near. It can be elderly parents, relatives or in some cases their spouse. Whatever the reason is, it is very gratifying to have the ability to stop what your doing and take care of your family.