I would recommend 1800BunkBed to a friend!

I recently joined 1800BunkBed several months ago to expand my current business of refinishing and making custom furniture. I saw a post on Facebook and called inquiring about 2 territories. The staff at 1800BunkBed is always there to answer any questions and are very pleasant to work with. Their manual and videos are very helpful in starting up and I have used their advice to even run the refinishing shop. I now have 4 territories in all I would recommend 1800BunkBed to a friend.

Rodney M.

1800BunkBed is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make an income building bunk beds!

The company has wonderful people. Steve Everett and staff are behind you all the way, plus they have a great instructional video and paperwork to help you build and sell. I would recommend this program to anyone who enjoys woodworking.
Thank you,

Bill C.


Not just a hit but a grand slam!

I set up my son, Brian, in the 1800BunkBed business. I have basically served as the bank and he has been doing everything else. On Sunday he made an appointment with a lady to come to our house and she came as planned on Monday. She was very impressed with his work and said she wants 5 bunk beds for all her grandchildren. Can you believe it, Brian is still in shock, 5 bunks sold in one order! Needless to say he is very excited. I told him to focus on the appointments, as you say in the manual 8 out of 10 will buy if they see the beds. Just wanted to share the good news with you.

Eric S.

We ordered all of the beds for our fire department from 1800BunkBed. They are very sturdy and comfortable and are perfect in our sleeping quarters. There are also huge storage drawers that roll under the bed. Steve Everett was great to work with and we would recommend 1800BunkBed to everyone.


Jenna Daniels
Captain of Administration
Summerfield Fire District

About a year ago, I was going through a woodworking magazine and saw an ad for 1800BunkBed. I called the toll-free number and talked to the owner of the business, Jim Rees. We talked for a while and he asked me several questions such as where I lived and if had any experience in wood working. He explained how everything worked in detail and how my area would be protected. I decided to join at that time and have not regretted that decision. His team has answered all my questions and I don’t have to wait for a week to get an answer.

I am a disabled vet and could not handle a large amount of work. I got into 1800bunkbed on a part time basis just for something to do. I advertise on craigslist only and do about 2 beds a month. No one in the business has put any pressure on me why I am not advertising more or building more beds.

As I have stated above this a great business to get into. They help any time I need help and their manual about building the bunk beds and running the business it really easy to read and understand. You could do no better getting into this home program.

Harold W.
JR Woodcraft

I have been searching for years for a home based business and have spent way too much money trying to accomplish this. I saw an ad attached to a woodworking magazine that I get and decided to give it a call. I was surprised to speak with the owner, Jim Rees, who started this business and decided to give it a try.

I have been overwhelmed by the support provided by Steve Everett. He is always there to answer questions and on the occasions that I needed to contact the home office, Mary Dearman was very cordial (for a Yankee). Even for the person with no woodworking experience, this business will work if he can only read and follow instructions.

Walt O.

I joined 1800BunkBed not expecting the benefits of what I received!! I responded to an ad about the company and I was directed to the owner immediately!! They have fantastic support by Steve Everett who has helped me tremendously getting started! I am getting out of it what I put into it! I look forward to the future of what I can make in this business!!

Carl L.

I have been in business for more than 20 years and have looked into numerous home-based business opportunities. I have always had a love of wood working which I shared with my father. With my father’s passing, it was my desire to keep his passion for wood working alive. That is when I happened across the advertisement for 1800BunkBed.

I was surprised to find that I would be discussing the business model with Jim Rees, the founder of the company. The territory in my neighborhood was available and the licensing fees were affordable, so I decided to take a chance and become an independent 1800BunkBed owner. Following the steps outlined in the manual I created Bunk Beds of Madison County.

I was overwhelmed by the information and resources that were sent to me which were all included in the price of the licensing agreement. They even furnished me with the phone number of one of their long time and very successful contractors, Steve Everett. Steve has always taken the time out of his busy schedule to answer any of my questions about sales, marketing or simple questions about building the bed.

The manual they provided me walks you through the step-by-step process on how to run a successful 1800BunkBed business. On the website there is a section called “Steve’s Tips,” where all the top 1800BunkBed top producers share their expertise on operating this business. This has proven to me to be a great resource.

Once I got my first two beds made, I was astonished by how well built they were. Thank you Jim Rees and Steve Everett for allowing me to become the newest member of the 1800BunkBed family. I look forward to a long and very prosperous future with your company.

Dennis S.

Good morning, Mary!

I just wanted to let you know that within 4 hours of me posting my first Craigslist ad, I received an order for a twin over full with storage drawers AND storage stairs. Needless to say, my wife and I are delighted! This old veteran thanks you.

Chad B.


Thank you ever so much, I really appreciate the files you sent. They will be extremely helpful, you are a wealth of information! I just cannot express how grateful I am that you took the time to talk with me on the phone and all the insight which I gained from that conversation. I certainly hope we have the opportunity to meet face to face in the near future.

Best regards,

Ted M.

About 4 years ago I was in the market for some bunk beds for my kids. I was also unemployed and looking for self-employment opportunities. As I searched and visited a few furniture stores looking for bunk beds to purchase I was quite disappointed at the poor quality I encountered. I was not prepared to put my kids to sleep in one of those beds. So, I decided I would build their own bunk beds, trouble is, I had never built one before and didn’t have a clue how to start. So, I hit the internet looking for some guidance. That’s when I came across 1800BunkBed. I was very impressed with the quality of the beds and wanted to get some.  That’s when I realized they offered the opportunity to be an independent business owner, killing two birds with one stone. When I looked into it and found some more information I decided to take the plunge and start something new.  Since then, I have employed myself, and another person full-time. The most attractive part of this business for me is that it has a low start up cost and you don’t have to get in debt to start. All you need is a few tools and some extra space to start. We didn’t even have that extra space so we borrowed our son’s bedroom to build our first bed. A month later we were able to rent a workshop space with money from our first sales through Craigslist ads which were free. We were pleasantly surprised to see the response we got from the Craigslist ads. We discovered there is a huge demand in the market for strong sturdy beds and I think 1800BunkBed fills that gap very well. We are excited about what the future will bring.

Ben P.

I am extremely happy that I signed on with 1800BunkBed. Having a proven business system that works in place before you even start your business makes a huge difference. There are several things that attracted me to this business but what I like most about this opportunity is that there is a mentor on call named Steve Everett that has sold thousands of these beds and knows how to help out people that are new to this style of business. My only regret is that I wish I would have used Steve’s guidance way more than I did in the beginning-it would have saved me hours of work and a few dollars.

Bandi H.

When I first heard about 1800BunkBed I was interested, but cautious. I spent a lot of time online looking up information about the company and the only negative comment I heard was from a guy that was angry that he would have to sell bunk beds to be successful. I personally thought that was silly since how can you expect to sell something without selling it? I then contacted a few people that owned territories. I talked to people that were really only interested in making a couple beds a month for extra income and did it all out of their garage. I also talked to people that were running much larger business and selling as many as 50 beds a week.

I have been working in construction and woodworking for many years, but I am no fine furniture builder, but my wife and I were looking for an opportunity that would allow us to make a move closer to family and make the money we needed to make to live, so my wife and I took the plunge and purchased the rights for the 1800BunkBed for the area we were interested in. We actually did that 2 months before we made the move.

After making the move it was another 3 months before we had a shop up and running. We decided to go big and rented a 3,000 foot shop and built a small showroom and office inside that space as well. We have probably only been actually producing and selling bunk beds for 3 months and we already have enough money coming in to cover the expense of the shop/showroom and a 25k CNC Router.

This is the third business I have owned in my life and this is the first one that put us into the profit in under a year, so if you are interested in building a couple beds a month to make a few extra dollars, there are people in this organization that can tell you how to get it done. If you want to do more, those opportunities exist as well.

Thanks so much to Steve Everett for all his help. He has worked with us from the start. He understands our goals and has helped guide us to accomplish those goals.

1800BunkBed really is a business that you get out of it what you put into it.

Fred R.

Jim, I would like you to know I still can’t believe how the business has taken off. From being unemployed and desperate to being so busy that now I’m am an employer! And to think I was skeptical. I look back now and say WOW what a mistake that would have been not to sign up.

Thanks again!!

Mark B.

As a Class A builder for about 35 years, I”ve always had some ups and downs with work being slow. I’ve always liked wood working so one day in the middle of a slow period I googled “wood working from home” and found 1800BunkBed. After reading it I became very interested but it seemed to be too easy and with all the scams online I just knew this would be another. I think I thought about it over night and the next day I called and spoke to Jim Rees. He promised the 1800BunkBed and a manual to build the beds. Having very little patience I figured here is the part where you hit a snag or I have to wait 30 days. While on the phone we did a simple contract and by almost the time we hung up I had the phone number. The manual was emailed to me right away and I was able to print it out and didn’t have to wait. The manual tells you how to build the beds “which is very simple” and also tells you how to market them.

Being a builder, building the beds was no problem but I worried about selling them. I am confident, if you follow the proven methods outlined in the manual anyone could be successful with this. I really like the part where with any question I may have, Steve Everett is only a phone call away. Its good to know there is someone willing to answer the phone when you need something. With the building market having its up and downs, I am glad to have this addition of 1800BunkBed to my income and as I get older I can see that this is something I can continue doing in the future. 1800BunkBed is for real, its honest work to make an honest living and you can do it from you own home and be self employed.

Herbert L.

I have been woodworking for a while trying to make my way into the business while working a full time job elsewhere when I came across 1800BunkBed on the internet. My wife and I did a lot of research and decided after numerous inquires about the business to give it a try. We found out that our requested territory was not available leaving us disappointed. Two months later we were informed that is was available and after a barrage of questions to Mr. Rees, we signed up. That very day I read the manual and started our business. I was skeptical with the fact that the manual would be geared for American marketing but as it turns out all the theories behind the marketing applied to Canada as well.

The support team with Jim, Steve, and, Mary are phenomenal and left nothing unanswered. The start up cost for this business is ridiculously low with an enormous reward that would be hard to find anywhere. I started in Jan 2011 and it has changed my life dramatically for the good. I am now building an expansion on my shop to meet the demands for more beds.

Thank you very much Jim Rees and the Team at 1800BunkBed

Shawn T.

I highly recommend getting involved in this business. Jim Rees is a CEO like no other I have communicated with before. Not only does he have a ton of knowledge and advice on building bunk beds he knows how to effectively run a business and he is there for his owners. Follow the steps in the manual, listen to Jim when you speak with him on how to advertise and build your beds. You don’t need many tools to start, all I had was a chop saw, screw gun, tape measure and sanding block. I upgraded my tools with each bed sale and now have a fully functioning wood working shop in my garage. My best advice to any newcomer is to carefully and completely read the manual and simply call Jim Rees when you have a question. Good luck and happy building!!

Todd P.

I have to say I was quite skeptical about coming on board. But given our economic climate I figured I had nothing to lose. When the website was up and running I had business cards made and decided to stop at our local furniture store. I mainly went there to see what they carry in the way of bunk beds, nothing exciting just the usual metal and cheap wood.

The clerk came over and I gave her my card and explained what I do. She seemed very disinterested. I walked out a little disheveled. Within 2 days My phone rang and it was a lady wanting to order a bunk bed. She said she went to the furniture store and the owner gave her my card and told her to visit my web site. I was in shock! She spent $700.

The best part was I was not even set up with templates or the assembly table jig. I had just signed on! I explained It would take a couple of weeks to build the bed. I figured that would give me lead way to get setup and then build the bed. In the back of my mind I thought her answer was going to be I can’t wait that long and I would lose the order. Instead she said; no problem I have been everywhere and there is nothing on the market that can compare to your beds. I’ll wait.

Amazing that’s all I can say.

Thanks Jim.

Mark B.

POSTSCRIPT: Within days of receiving Mark’s testimonial he sent 1800BunkBed the following email: “In the meantime since I e-mailed you last I just received other orders totaling $2600. I am rushing to get my act together because as I stated earlier I am barely set up for full time production.”

Glad I found you. Praise The Lord!

Mark B.

Steve EverettThe reason I’ve done so well is because I have followed the program laid out by 1800BunkBed. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you have a 15 year proven formula to use? I’m confident that anyone can succeed in this business! In September 2008 I called Jim Rees, the founder of 1800BunkBed. I fired away immediately with several questions that I thought should be answered. He answered my questions with no problem. The business just seemed too easy to get into though. To start a woodworking business with just basic tools, I had never heard of anything like this, and the funny thing was that he didn’t pressure me. You know the saying “nothing’s for free” well this wasn’t for free but with such a minimal cost I was skeptical! I thought about it for several days and every time I had a question I called him. He was, and still is there for me whenever I have questions! (Just like he said he would be when I signed on!)

Yes, I decided to get into the 1800BunkBed business. I am really glad I did! Every week I get more and more calls, and make more and more sales, and you know what that means! I have absolutely no regrets and seriously all I have done to be successful is to do exactly what the instruction manual says, with adding my personal touch along the way. The best part is that there’s a successful business man that has poured out his 15 years of experience in a two volume manual for you. I look forward to the year ahead!

POSTSCRIPT: After joining 1800BunkBed in September 2008 I remember making my first bunk beds on the patio of the two bedroom condo we were living in. Wow! Things sure have changed. Since that time I have made hundreds of beds. We now live in a 4 bedroom house, in great part because of the success I’ve experienced with 1800BunkBed. I have absolutely no regrets, my business is expanding on a monthly basis and I completely recommend this business to anyone who is willing to work and follow a proven formula.

My wife and I were looking at business opportunities when I came across your website. I had been working in the “corporate” world for about 12 years and was sick of all the travel and politics. We wanted to find something that would allow me to be home more so that I could help her raise our four boys and be involved in our church and community. At first glance your bunk bed business opportunity seemed too simple. We have tried our share of businesses without much success. Typically you have lots of start up costs and after they get your money, you are on your own. So, we did lots of research and I called and asked questions several times, trying to find “the catch.” I even put an ad on Craigslist just to see what kind of response I’d get. When I got several calls from interested people, I was pretty surprised. I really hadn’t believed there was that big a demand for bunk beds. I talked more with my wife and then asked her to call you and see what she thought. After that phone call, we made the decision to go for it.

You were always very open and honest about everything and never tried to pressure us to make a commitment. We found that everything you told us was accurate and we were so excited to find something legitimate we could do to support our family. We feel that you offer a straightforward description of what you do and how you do it. The initial costs are very reasonable and you provide quite a bit of assistance throughout the process.

When we got the manual we read over it in one sitting. We followed the instructions regarding how to build the beds as well as how to market them and we generated interest right away. To date we have sold 11 beds and we have another 10 on order right now. Just recently I quit my “real” job and I’m building beds full time. So far bunk beds are the majority of what I’ve sold, but I also have built twins, full size, and even a couple of loft beds. I am also branching out into other children’s furniture, as I am asked frequently for those items when people call about a bed.

From the moment we signed on until now we have received wonderful advice and assistance any time we need it. You are available by email or phone most times and if not, you call back quickly. Your office manager, Mary, is especially helpful and very pleasant to work with. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who enjoys working with their hands and working with people. Thanks again … and by the way, we sold six beds this weekend!!


Jason M.

This opportunity was exactly what I was looking for. I first looked into this business when I noticed my remodeling company begin to feel the pressure of the recession. Work was slowing down and I really wanted to find a way to be able to stay around the house more often as well as replace the income that was lost. It has proven to be a good source of income and I’m definitely headed for a full time schedule. I truly believe that anyone with basic carpentry skills could profit from this business. I’m impressed daily at how lucrative such a simple business can be.

I was skeptical when I first discovered 1800BunkBed and began to call Jim daily with questions that I was sure would stump him. Jim was always able to answer any question that I had and he continues to be available for advice without fail, usually within the same day. His honest, straightforward answers quickly dispelled all of my concerns.

I didn’t want to incur a lot of start-up costs and promised my wife that other than the reasonable monthly fee for the use of the vanity number, I’d only invest what came in from the sale of beds. With the use of some free advertising, we were able to generate several custom bunk bed sales in just a couple of weeks. We have been amazed at the quick response by consumers and frankly didn’t realize that there was such a demand for bunk beds.

I would encourage anyone who thinks this might be right for them to check it out. Not many small start-ups can afford the benefit of protected territory, but Jim has made it possible and very affordable to have just that. And I don’t mean just a small area of my own town, but a territory based on area codes. That’s huge!

Thanks again,

James L.

I just had to write to tell you about our first day. George, my husband, and I spoke with you regarding the business opportunity with 1800BunkBed on the morning of 09/09/09. We decided to do the business and by Noon that day I was reading over the material. At 4:30pm I had a customer on the phone wanting to order. Even though I explained I had no demo at this time to show her, she said she had seen the picture on the website of the one she wanted and wanted to go ahead and order. She explained she wanted a twin over full with a trundle with a cocoa stain. I told her I would get back with her with a quote. When I got back with her the next day with a quote, she confirmed her order. We will meet to confirm the color and I will receive the deposit on our first sale. We are very excited and look forward to many more sales in the near future.


Woodworking has always been a passion of mine and for as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to have a business making furniture. I never had the right opportunity until I came across 1800BunkBed. I stumbled across the 1800BunkBed website while I was looking for roll top desk plans. I read through the site and all the testimonials and it got me thinking this is something I can do. The economy is not so good and my family can use some extra money. I decided to call and get more information. After talking with Jim Rees, the founder of 1800BunkBed, I was convinced this was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I had been a middle school teacher for 14 years when I got started making bunk beds. I followed all the plans and techniques provided by Jim Rees. I started listing my bunk beds on Craig’s list, just as the manual suggested. I got phone calls and e-mails right away inquiring about the bunk beds. I did a lot of talking for several weeks before I got my first order, and within two days my second order. No sooner had I finished those orders and along came a few more. Now I’m so busy I can hardly keep up, and that’s a good thing. In fact, I found out right away that this could easily be a full time job, so I stepped away from teaching and now devote all my time to growing my business. It has become a family effort as well; my teenage son helps when he’s not in school. My 8 and 6 year old boys chip in with a little sanding and my 70 year old father voluntarily gave up his retired life to help out, offer advice and of course supervise. He’s pretty good with a shop-vac too. I’m working hard and enjoying every minute of it. Getting started didn’t require a huge amount of capital and I’ve got an area that is protected from other 1800BunkBed areas. The best part is, the business is mine to run the way I want to, and if I have a question about any part of the business, I can call and talk directly to Jim Rees to get the answer. I’m looking forward to continued growth and success in the years to come.

Harry S.

GREAT PROGRAM!!! Easy to build, great product!! Fantastic marketing program! Where else can you start a business for so little money and get national brand name recognition? I love it!

Billy M.

I MADE MY FIRST SALE TODAY! I sold a pair of twin beds and two sets of pull out drawers plus delivery. I’m also talking to a local mattress dealer. We might work out an agreement where she will let me display my beds in their showroom. It’s been a busy week.

Richard B.

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