Have you heard about those wonderful sales people who are so talented they could sell refrigerators to people living in igloos?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be that good with sales in your home based woodworking business?

For many people, the hardest part of their home based woodworking business is sales. They have a great product to offer. They don’t mind putting in the time to make the products, whether they’re cabinets, bunk beds or hand carved spoons. But sales don’t seem to come easily.

The answer, according to some, is to come up with a good pitch that highlights all the features of the products. These people can go on and on about how great their products are and how much better they are than anything else on the market. But these people won’t be selling many refrigerators unless they’re in a desert.

It’s not what you tell people that will make the difference so much as what you ask them. Making sales is about making connections with people and that comes by getting to know them. It’s not really about convincing them to buy something they don’t want or need, it’s about helping them to see the value of your bunk beds, chairs or one-of-a-kind boxes.  You can best do this through questions.

One major benefit is that it’s easier to ask questions than to launch into a speech. This can be especially useful if you find it difficult to talk with people. It can also keep you from talking too much.

Asking questions helps you find out what your customers need to know so you can give them the right information. It shows them that you care about helping them get what they really need. You will find out what they really need to know about your product. You can gauge their interest and get a sense of whether they might buy later if not now.

You still want to be prepared to talk about the benefits and features of your woodworking products but with the answers to your questions, you can tell people more specifically about how your product is right for them.

Some questions you will find helpful:

Why are you looking for this type of product now?

What are your options?

What are features are most important to you?

What problems could this product solve for you?

What kind of a difference will this product make for you?

What is your budget?