never lose a sale again

Bunk bed woodworker using radial arm saw.

Use this technique to never lose a sale again. If you have been in business long enough you have run into the following from a customer:
“I can get that same cabinet, chair, table, bunk bed… from (you name the big box store that carries your product) for a $100,$200,$300…. cheaper”. Adapt the following to your business and never lose a sale again. What did I do to stop these responses immediately and turn their objections into sales? It’s simple and you can do the same thing no matter what type of woodworking you are doing. Follow these steps and adapt them to what you do.

Here is how I never lost a sale again.

• I bought a bunk bed from “that well known discount store”
• I assembled it and stuck it in my showroom (Initially, my 2 car garage)
• I put an oily, paint stained tarp over it
• When a customer would tell me she can get the exact bed we’re selling from “that well known discount store” for $100 cheaper. I would bring her over to the bed under the tarp, take the tarp off and say to her, “You mean like this one”? She would say yes. I would then proceed to take my right index finger, place it on top one of the posts and shake the bed back and forth using only my finger.


Adapt this method to what ever you are building and you will be soon making more sales.You should never lose a sale again to these discount stores.

Jim Rees
President and Founder