Increase your woodworking sales

Home based woodworking

One of the most asked questions I get from woodworkers nationwide is: “How do you increase your woodworking sales?” It’s a great question and it has a simple answer.

The problem isn’t the answer but the implementation of that answer.

First let’s answer the question. The way to increase your woodworking sales is to give your customers what they want. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Then what is the problem? The problem is for woodworkers to let go of what they think their customers want and actually giving their customers what the customers want. Let me give you a concrete example of what I mean.

The 1st 5 years of 1800BunkBed was spent trying to understand what our customers wanted and then producing that product. One of the determining factors was how they wanted their bunk beds finished, specifically what color stain did they want on their bunk beds. It was determined by share numbers early on that most customers wanted a light finish, (i.e. golden oak).

Early on in my business I had multiple locations where all display areas were arranged in identical fashion. Of all the beds we made we had a clear cut most popular bed. It was a bed we sold about 70% of the time and it was always finished in a golden oak stain. One week, one of my locations didn’t sell a single one of our most popular beds. That was very unusual. The next week the same location again didn’t sell our most popular bed. Now I knew there was a problem.

I got in my truck and drove to the location that was not selling our #1 bed. I opened the door to the display area and immediately saw the problem. Someone had stained our number 1 bed in an awful dark mahogany stain! I spoke to the person in charge and when I asked him why this bed was stained this way, I was told, ” I thought our customers would like a dark stain.”  Moral of this story: Don’t give your customers what you think they want. Give them what they actually want. To know the difference, you have to continually test your products and when they start to sell, you’ll know the difference.