Home based woodworking

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High-end or functional? I know a lot of high-end woodworkers. I have a family member who is an extreme high-end woodworker. His designs and projects truly belong in a museum. When I show up at his shop and look at the latest masterpiece he is making I always ask the same question 2 questions. How many hours do you have into this project and what did you charge for it? Let’s do the math.
He charged $3,800.00 for it (not too shabby). I then follow-up with the next obvious question, “How many hours do you have in it”? The answer… “Oh about 200 hours”. This unfortunately sums up the plight of too many high-end woodworkers. In order to get a project that looks museum quality they have to spend an enormous amount time on it. This invariably results in them earning $10-$20/hr.

We at 1-800-BunkBed do not produce high-end museum quality work. We make functional furniture that turns out to be the safest and strongest bunk beds sold in North America. Our customers also enjoy the simple straight-line design of our furniture. One last item to mention. The woodworkers at 1-800-BunkBed almost universally earn $100/hr.

So to answer the question: High-end or Functional ? If putting food on the table does not matter then by all means produce high-end furniture. If, on the other hand, you have to pay the bills and feed your family join 1-800-BunkBed.