How to sell woodworking projects

Home woodworking shop

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but facts are facts. The vast majority of woodworkers are not natural salesmen. How can I make such a blanket statement? Easily – I grew up with professional woodworkers in my family and I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of woodworkers as owner of 1800BunkBed for 3 decades. The most common response I get from woodworkers is “I can build anything; it’s the selling, advertising, marketing stuff I can’t do”. Unfortunately it’s the “stuff” that is going to make them money and help them sustain and grow a business. In other words being able to sell your woodworking projects will determine if you will be a hobbyist or a professional woodworker. How do you learn the skills needed to be an effective salesman? Follow these suggestions:

  • Know your market. Who are you selling to?
  • Know you pricing. You have to be competitively priced.
  • Engage with your customer. Make small talk to get a conversation going.
  • Bring the conversation around to what you are selling.
  • And the number one mistake woodworkers make is they never ask for the sale. In most sales transactions you will have to ask multiple times for the sale. This makes most woodworkers uncomfortable but you have to do this to succeed.

The above suggestions will take time to develop but if they are followed you will soon be selling your woodworking projects and be on the way to having a successful business.