1 man woodworking shop

Woodworking from home

Want to make money woodworking from home? Here are some points to keep in mind:

• Specialize in what you will be building as long as it has a somewhat large appeal, i.e. shaker boxes, slab tables, bunk beds…
• Build what you like to build. If you will be building something day after day you better enjoy what you’re building.
• Do not build something that has so much competition you’ll never have a chance of selling it. For instance, do not build Adirondack chairs. This is the most common product woodworkers build.
• Develop a USP. This stands for Unique Selling Proposition. Simply stated, what sets your woodworking product apart from the others out there. In my case I build bunk beds that have a lifetime warranty, are sold to firehouses, are made of solid wood and we custom build our beds for the same price as the bunk beds sold in stores. That is a very distinct USP.
• This isn’t a 9-5 job. This is your business, which means you will more than likely have to do things you neither like nor wish to do

Woodworking from home is both convenient and rewarding, but you also need to be self-disciplined and determined to make it work.

Jim Rees
Founder & President