Home Based Woodworking

Woodworking Santa

Did you know that the Christmas season is one of the best times to sell your home crafted woodworking projects including bunk beds? One of the most recurring items on a child’s Santa list each year is a set of bunk beds. With the Christmas season getting longer and longer each year, you can use that information to make more and more sales  using these home based woodworking tips:

• Starting in late October, start putting the bug in parents’ ear with colorful, Christmas-themed advertising.
• Make extra beds to bulk up your inventory to meet the demand.
• Clear out extra space in your workshop so that you have plenty of room for production.
• And speaking of production, check out our tips in the manual on how to use your time more effectively in making the beds.

Enjoy playing Santa in your own home based workshop and make lots of children’s bunk bed dreams come true this year!