home based woodworking

home based woodworker

I am asked the following question multiple times weekly: How can I grow my woodworking business? I can usually answer that question in a concise and accurate manner. BE CONSISTENT.

Let’s look and see what a weekly schedule looks like:

  • Monday: Pick out your materials and organize your marketing
  • Tuesday: Start building your orders. Call your existing customers and return calls to your prospective customers
  • Wednesday: Implement your marketing. Meet your new customers. Continue working on your orders.
  • Thursday: Start to complete your orders. Your new marketing will now start to take effect. Field those calls and answer questions.
  • Friday: Finish orders. Either deliver them or schedule time for your customer to pick them up. Clean up shop. Reach out to customers who have called you in the past.
  • Saturday: Check to make sure you on-going marketing is in place. Develop new methods to market.
  • Sunday: Go to church. Spend time with your family. Watch some football.

If you do the above on a consistent, week-by-week basis, you will discipline yourself to be more organized and your woodworking business will grow!