Home based woodworkers should use these proven advertising suggestionsDo you deliver and set up your woodworking projects in your customer’s home? If you don’t, think about this. If you want to make more money, generate more sales, and have happier clients you should. I’ll relate this to my business of selling bunk beds. Think about delivery this way: how would you like to have a new truck or van? What is a new truck’s monthly cost? I’m talking about a nice truck. Probably $300-$400. If you charge $100 for delivery and set up (this should be your minimum charge) it would only take 3-4 sales per month to pay for that truck. Don’t forget that the entire time you are at your customer’s house all their neighbors will be exposed to the signage you have on your vehicle! That’s how we work it, and I always have 2 new trucks in the driveway, make more sales, and have happier customers. Try it!