To Finish Or Not To Finish: What Makes More $ense?

Preparing to finish by sanding

To Finish Or Not To Finish: What Makes More $ense? I get this question multiple times a day and answer the I give is always the same. Finishing is usually the most time consuming and usually the most critical part of most woodworking projects. Notice I use the word “usually”. 1800bunkbed is the proverbial exception to the rule. In our business finishing is not time consuming nor is it the most critical park of building our beds. It takes 1/2 hour to finish our beds using a unique method we developed decades ago and it so simple to use a 10 year old can finish our beds.(I actually used my 10 year old son to finish my beds when I first got started and there were no complaints from my customers). In our experience it always make more $ense to finish our beds and from a business prospective it is a no brainer. Why not make an extra couple of hundred dollars for 1/2 hour of work? I usually use the formula: dollar amount divided by hours, (in the above example it would look like this – $150 divided by .5 hours (30 minutes) = $300/hour. My rule of thumb is to never finish a project unless I’m making at least $100/hour.