When you start a woodworking business, your focus is on creating a high quality product. You put a lot of time and attention into making sure that what you produce is better than anything found at a discount store. You know that your products are not only beautiful but also pieces that will hold up through years of use.

But that’s not enough to sell them.

You need to not only make a great product but also to reach the people who will want to buy it. You need to make connections with those who will value your craftsmanship and appreciate all the effort that goes into your unique cupboards, chairs, dressers or bunk beds.

Big box stores spend millions on advertising to reach their customers. You probably don’t have that much money to spend, but you don’t need to either. You don’t need to reach as many people as those stores do, you only need to find the right customers. You can do this efficiently and effectively without dropping a lot of dough.

It just takes a targeted and personalized approach.

Who Wants to What You Make?

Whether you are making bunk beds, dressers or custom cabinets, the reality is that only a certain type of person will want them. For bunk beds, it’s generally families or camps that have cabins to fill. For cabinets, it’s people who are renovating or building new houses.

You don’t have to reach everyone who has money to spend, you only have to reach the people who are looking to buy your type of product. These are your potential customers and the people who you want to get information to about what you are selling.

Where are Your Customers?

Once you know who you are trying to reach, think about where these people are and who else they are talking to. Parents, for instance, are often dropping their children off at day care or taking them to dance, Karate or swimming lessons. People building homes are likely working with builders or contractors. People who are redecorating will often turn to interior designers.

These are places and people for you to target with information about your products.

Reach out to the Right Customers

Now that you know where your potential customers are going and who they are talking to, go there and talk to those people yourself. When you go to a business or meet someone who does work related to yours, explain what you do and ask if you can leave a stack of fliers or cards. You could offer them a referral fee for any customers they send your way or offer to give their customers or clients a discount, which can help them build loyalty.

Although you can do some of this over the phone, it’s best to go in person so you can show them pictures or samples of your work. They are also more likely to remember and refer you if they’ve met you.
Add a few new places or people to your list every week. And, check back regularly so you can remind them that you are around and make sure they have your materials.

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