Home woodworking

An independent 1800bunkbed owner making money.

The emphasis is on the word really. It has been my 35 year business experience, most of which has been running national companies, that has shown me most people want to make money but few people are really going to do what it takes to do so. Let me give you a concrete example:

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a nice gentleman who was extremely interested in becoming a 1800bunkbed business owner. This guy had it all. He had a great woodshop, great tools and all the know how to build anything you could think of. But…when I mentioned a certain 4 letter word he got a little put out. You see, this person had everything going for him, but when I mentioned that nasty 4 letter word it was if I told him he had to kill baby kittens. Be warned this is what I told him he had to do. I told him he had to sell. This guy literally came apart at the seams. He basically told me it was beneath him to sell. “Why selling is what salesman did and I’m a woodworker” he told me. You see folks, this guy really didn’t want to make money.