family and woodworking

Is family and woodworking a good idea?

The question of whether family and woodworking goes together gets brought up quite frequently in my discussions with woodworkers. Is this ever a good idea? When 1800BunkBed was formed in my backyard in 1992 it definitely was a family affair. I had sons, daughters, uncles, nephews, nieces and my wife all working to help develop this business into what it has become. Working with family has its own unique set of dynamics that has to be handled carefully. How can you tell your 10 year old son he’s fired? But, if I had to do everything all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. Having your family involved in your business gives them life skills that they could never have attained anywhere else. It also allowed them to have become part of something greater than themselves which will breed humility. So, does family and woodworking go together? I would say definitely.