Making sales in your home based wood working business starts with having a good product and being able to tell customers why what you make is better than the mass produced options they can get from a store. But in order to really clinch the deal, you need to convince them that they should buy from you. This involves offering better customer service than they can get from anywhere else.

Did you know that 70 percent of customers are willing to spend 13 percent more if they’re getting exceptional customer service, according to an American Express survey? Not only will they spend more, they are also be more likely to tell their friends and family and to come back.

You are selling an experience, not just a product. If people feel good about how you treat them and feel they can trust you, they are more likely to want to buy from you.

Here are some ways you can give them that better experience:

Make it easy to reach you. Answer your phone as often as possible and have a friendly greeting on your answering machine for when you can’t. Get back to people quickly even if it is just to set up a time when you can talk with them. Set up an email for customers and make sure to check it often. You could add an auto response so that people will know their email made it to your inbox.

Be pleasant and show an interest in your customers. Ask them open ended questions and find out what they’re looking for before you tell them what you have.

Be honest about what you can deliver when. You want to make your woodworking business customers happy, but promising to get something done in a week when it isn’t possible will make them more upset in the long run.

Tell customers quickly when there is a problem. It would be great if every woodworking project ran smoothly, but it doesn’t. You may have a family issue or supplies may not come in when you expect them too. People are more likely to understand if you explain the situation to them and let them know what to expect.

Give people a quote in writing and stick to it. People want to know what to expect. They will appreciate knowing up front how much they will have to pay and not having any unpleasant surprises.

Let your customers know you appreciate their business. Follow up your sales with a note or a phone call to find out how things are working out for the customer. Staying in touch with them shows that you are confident in your product and committed to making sure they’re happy with it.

Be aware that it may be impossible to please some people. Unfortunately, there are those will not be satisfied no matter what you say or do. Just do the best you can to address their specific issues.