comparison selling your woodworking projects

woodworking project

Sell more of your woodworking projects using comparison selling. We use this method when working with our customers. What better way to sell your products is there than to compare them to your competition? Use a variation of this example to point out the differences and benefits of your products.

            Our Bunk Beds

  • Made of solid wood
  • Custom made locally
  • Special orders are no problem
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Quality heavy-duty hardware
  • Each bunk rated to hold 500+ lbs.
  • Your child’s safety is top priority
  • No bunkie board needed
  • Space saving accessories
  •  Informed conscientious purchase


Competitors Bunk Beds

  • Made of fake wood
  • Made in China or the Asian Realm
  • What you see is what you get
  • Warranty? What warranty?
  • Cheap thin hardware
  • Good luck!
  • Not concerned with your children
  • Must have a bunkie board
  • Accessories so small they’re dysfunctional
  • Uniformed, sometimes to the point of being unsafe



Use this method effectively and watch your close rate increase and your revenues grow!