Home based woodworkingHere is a quick tip that some day, if you work this properly,  will earn you significantly more money woodworking. About 3 decades ago I was purchasing some wood from my local source when behind some pallets I saw some milled lumber that didn’t look right. I went over and looked at it more closely and saw that it was Northern Eastern Pine. I know the species very well since most of my beds were made from this species. But this lot just looked odd. The majority of the wood had a dark to light blue coloring to it. I asked the yard foreman what was the story about this wood. He told me on rare occurances they get this coloration and they send it back to the mill. I asked him to get me a price on this lot. It came in at 75% off what I normally pay. I bought it and made 50 or so bunk beds out of it explaining to the customers who saw this wood that it was made from an extreme rare type of pine. I also charges twice the price for each bed I made from it. It’s not bad when you can cut your material costs by 75% and charge 200% more. Let me know if you have used similar sales techniques to make big money woodworking.