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Two hands workingBecause of the misinformation, supposition and outright lies floating around the internet, I felt that some clarification of my business was in order. 1800BunkBed, LLC is a national company entering its 3rd decade of operation. We have a presence in most of the USA and Canada with hundreds of independent 1800BunkBed business owners. We are the largest manufacturer of bunk beds and loft beds in North America.

If you’ve seen some critical blog postings, you’ll notice a distinct similarity among them:

  • 100% of all blog posts are from people who have never been a part of the 1800BunkBed organization.
  • 100% of blog posts are from people who have never spoken with me, Jim Rees, the owner and founder of 1800BunkBed
  • 100% of the people who say they have been on my website cannot even accurately report what they have just read.

That being said, let’s start by telling you what 1800BunkBed is. The real deal.

  • As owner of 1800BunkBed, I am the only person in my company who signs up new people thinking about joining our program. I say the same thing to all the people who contact us and I answer all questions the same way – directly and with integrity. No salesmen trying to make a commission, just me. How many companies can say that potential customers can speak directly to the owner and founder of the business? I want to make sure that people know that I stand behind my product.
  • As a consumer, when I look into doing business with a company I always look into 3rd-party verification of that company. The only national 3rd-party verification company is the Better Business Bureau. That is why we are a member. The facts are we have the highest rating they use, A+, in addition we also have a perfect record. We have never had a complaint. Click to read what the Better Business Bureau says about 1800BunkBed We are also a member of several reputable watchdog organizations such as the US Chamber of Commerce and National Home Furnishings Association.


Clear up the confusion:

Is 1800BunkBed a Franchise?

No! We are not a franchise. This is clearly stated on our website under FAQ’s. We are a licensing company. We license our business to people all over North America for a monthly licensing fee. We do not take a single penny of your profits, we don’t force you to buy our supplies and we do not oversee your business. There is a reason why our logo states, “It’s Your Business.”

Protected Territories and Shipping

Let’s clarify this major benefit we give our licensees. When people become a part of 1800BunkBed they are given protected territories made up of counties. They are the only individuals allowed to operate in this territory. Some bloggers have stated that some members in 1800BunkBed ship their bunk beds all over the country. This is another erroneous point. It is impossible to ship our bunk beds. They are far too heavy to be shipped by UPS or FedEx. The only way our beds can be shipped is by general freight using tractor trailers. The cost of this would be far greater than the cost of the bunk bed. The people who make the assertion that our members ship their beds all around the country are factually incorrect.

Cheaply Constructed Beds

This is another favorite misconception the uninformed bloggers throw out. Again you have to realize the people making these assertions have never seen or made our beds. They do not have the plans and hardware lists that are used to construct them. The reason why 1800BunkBed is entering our 3rd decade and growing every year is exactly because of the quality of our bunk beds. We are giving the American and Canadian public something they have been trying to get their hands on but cannot find: a solid wood, locally made bunk bed that is coming in at the same price point as the bunk beds from China that are sold at stores, We sell our bunk beds to firehouses all over North America. We have 300lb. firemen who sleep on the top bunk of our bunk beds. Does that sound cheaply made?

If it's the stuff I'm thinking about. If this is the company I'm thinking about, etc.

These bloggers are priceless. They don’t even know if the company they are about to slam is even 1800BunkBed. What can you say about them except they are in the business of tearing down companies regardless of who they hurt. Let me give you some concrete examples of what these bloggers says about my company.

“I don’t know if it’s the same company… but they are shysters and criminals.” Enough said.

Another says, “If it’s the stuff I’m thinking of (“Make beds for dorm rooms!”), don’t waste your time. They often require mounting to the wall, and no college is going to be happy with you anchoring a huge item to their walls.” This is just another blogger who has absolutely no idea if we are even the company he is thinking about. By the way, we’re not.

From bloggers who have said they have been on my website

People say they have been on my website and then make outlandish comments. These two posts typify the people who say they have been on my website. My response will follow each post.

“I just have to add, after actually reading the site… Do you realize that you pay almost $300 a month to have a web site maintained?”

Incorrect, you pay zero.

“Just like stuff you see on the infomercials. The only one making a boatload is the dude on TV.”

I’m not sure what he means, and more importantly I don’t think he understands what he means, about the stuff you see on infomercials. We are not on TV, never have been on TV, and never will be on TV.

Miscellaneous incorrect information from bloggers

“$0.10 per bed profit is hardly worth the effort.”

Does anyone seriously think we would still be in business if our independent business owners made 10 cents profit per bed? Again, the blogger has no knowledge of the 1800BunkBed business.

I just Googled 'bunk beds' and did not see a mention of 1800bunkbeds

This is a major misconception concerning my business and is consistently made by people who do not understand how people search locally. All of our marketing is set up to capture the local marketplace. Bunk beds are not bought online but they are searched for online specifically for the local market. The person actually buying the bunk bed is usually the mother. She wants to physically see and touch the bunk bed that she is going to buy. Looking at a 2-dimensional picture on a website will not provide that. People who buy bunk beds don’t go to Google and just type in the words “bunk bed.” If they do that it will just provide the person with companies located all around the country. This is useless information for the searcher. The way people actually search for bunk beds is by typing in the words “bunk beds in Greensboro, NC” into the search engine. This will give the searcher who lives in Greensboro, NC the exact information they are looking for. We show our independent 1800BunkBed business owners how to show up on local searches, not national searches. If we don’t show up on a local search that just means we do not have an independent business owner in that territory.

When I dialed the 1800BunkBed phone number it didn’t reach anybody willing to sell me a bunk bed

The reason why this happens is answered on the website but I’ll answer it here as well. The way the 1800BunkBed phone number works is as follows: someone sees a local ad, they call the 1800BunkBed phone number and that call is then routed to the 1800BunkBed independent business owner in that territory. Sometimes people will be calling from a territory where there is no independent business owner (This is called an open territory. There are over 3,000 counties in the US and not all of them are taken). In that case, the phone number will be routed to our corporate location and my staff will try and locate the closest 1800BunkBed business owner to that territory.

When you speak to a business owner they read from a script trying to sell you the business

This is Incorrect. Independent 1800BunkBed business owners do not sell you the business and therefore do not have a “script.” What they actually do is sell bunk beds and lots of them.

If it is so profitable, they would be doing the building and selling instead of running a website getting you to send them money

I built bunk beds for 25 years covering 5 states while at the same time building the 1800BunkBed business into what it is today. It was quite profitable building bunk beds. I decided that I had built enough bunk beds and now concentrate my time solely on running the licensing business. By the way, my website doesn’t“ get you to send them money.” After careful consideration upon speaking directly with me, people will or will not become part of 1800BunkBed. We do not accept just anyone.

Blogs can be a very useful source of information. The majority of the people who post on blogs about 1800BunkBed have valid comments. However, there are a lot of “trolls” (people who post on blogs just to stir up controversy) on the internet who make incorrect assumptions about our business. I also suspect that the many of the negative comments about us are made by people who were unfortunately not qualified to join our business and were turned down.

For accurate information concerning how you can become a part of our 1800BunkBed family, please read the website starting with How it Works. I will be happy to show you how you can own your own woodworking business right from your home.

Jim Rees
President & Founder

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