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Planer1-800-BunkBed started in a small, 8′ X 10′ plastic tent in 1993 as a result of my children needing bunk beds. At first my wife and I went to all the large department furniture stores and looked at those bunk beds. We found that either the pricing was outrageous or the furniture was junk. There was no way that we were going to pay well over $1,000 for a bunk bed or put our children in a poorly constructed and unsafe bed. The only way my children were going to get bunk beds would be if I built them.

I decided upon a design that was aesthetically pleasing while at the same time being extremely safe and sturdy. It took me about three days to make my first bunk bed (with all the time-saving jigs that I have developed that same bunk bed now takes me 2 hours to complete). Then I thought my bunk bed making days were through. What I forgot to take into account were my nieces and nephews, and their friends. Then I acquired the 1-800-BunkBed phone number, and that’s when my business REALLY took off!


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